About us

About Como Lake Resort

We have always dreamed of owning and operating a family-style resort in Northern Ontario, so when the opportunity presented itself in 2017, we enthusiastically jumped on the opportunity. The previous owners of Como Lake Resort had operated it for 29 years. Through good old fashioned Northern Ontario hospitality, they grew a loyal guest base and a reputation for a family-friendly and outdoorsperson paradise. This is a tradition we are happy to continue.

We genuinely love the lifestyle of living on an off-grid resort, and especially the joy of meeting new people and welcoming back returning guests.

Since taking ownership of the resort, we have been working to upgrade and maintain the grounds, including a new diesel generator that’s quieter and more efficient. Our focus is always on ensuring our guests are relaxed and able to enjoy our natural surroundings.

We look forward to sharing the natural beauty of Como Lake Resort you with.

Jean (John) and Tracy Castonguay
Owners and operators, Como Lake Resort

About Como Lake

We are located directly on the shores of Como Lake. With a surface area of more than 4000 acres and a shoreline of nearly 42km, there are endless opportunities for fishing and nature walks.

Adventurers will enjoy paddling to and exploring the 17 islands on Como Lake, and anglers will enjoy the variety of fish, including lake trout, white fish, northern pike, and walleye. Canoe, kayak, boat, and boat motors are available to rent, or bring your own and enjoy the variety of lakes and rivers perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

About the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve

Como Lake Resort is located 6 km within the boundary of the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve. This preserve is the world’s largest wild game preserve (at 2 million acres!), and we’re fortunate to have it located in the heart of Algoma Country.

The area is homeland to the Ojibwa and Cree people of Northern Ontario, where they would not only hunt and fish, but had a rich culture and relationship with the landscape. With the introduction of both the Canadian Pacific and Canadian National Railways in the early 20th century, it was not long before the exploitation of prospecting, hunting, and logging resulted in the depletion of wildlife. William McLeod from Chapleau, ON, brought this to the government’s attention, and on May 27, 1925, the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve was established.

Special permission is require in advanced to travel with fire arm on the game reserve. We are are more than happy to help you with this process.